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This article will help with factory restoring Arunas phones
There are 2 ways to do a factory restore, HOWEVER, BEFORE completing this process you should back up any phone books you have stored in the phone
and keep a record of any call history etc. that you need as all items will be deleted as part of the factory restore process

Option 1 can be done at the phone itself.

Option 2 can be done by logging into the phones utility panel


1) To Factory restore the unit at the handset you must first hit the "*" (star) key on the digit pad 3 times then hit and hold the "X" button for no less than 10Sec and release
2) Releasing the "X" button will let the phone restart
3) After the phone has restarted you will find that it has been factory restored

In cases where you don't have the "X" button on the phone
1) Press the "#" key 3 times
2) Press the ""*" (Star) key and hold for 10Sec and release
3) After the phone has restarted you will find that it has been factory restored



To Factory restore the phone using the Utility panel
1) Locate the IP address for the phone by pressing the "tick" button in the navigation area.
2) Select "network" and press the "tick" button
3) Select option 1 (IPV4)
4) Note down the "WAN IP" address in option 2 (
5) Open a web browser page and enter this address in the address field (Not as a search) and press enter
6) This will open the utility login page. Enter [admin] for both user name and password
7) Once logged in, select the "management" tab
8) Select "Upgrade" from the menu list on the left
9) Select "Reset to Factory" and confirm.  Let the reset process run

It should be noted here that you can also upgrade the firmware at this page as well


In both cases once completed the phone should auto configure via the RPS server as the phone restarts,
You can select the account tab to reenter the registration credentials


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