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How Do I Manually Configure My Yealink T46 Phone?

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CAUTION: Configuring your IP Phone manually without proper knowledge or assistance may result to registration failure or bad authentication. Please only use this article if you were authorized by support. Strictly for troubleshooting purposes only. 



  • Press the OK button  on your phone to get the IPv4 Address (e.g.

  • Type the IP Address on the address bar of your browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.) and press Enter on your keyboard


  • Type admin on both username and password in the pop-up dialogue box and click OK

  • Using the Yealink web interface, we can now add the details for your account. To start, click on the Account tab. 

  • A Yealink T46 can hold up to 15 accounts. In this example, we will be adding your first account (e.g Account1). Enter the details needed to enable the account.

    Note: If you do not know your username and password, please contact support for assistance.

    Line Active: Enabled
    Label: The name of your company (e.g ABC Company). This is also the name that will display on the LCD screen.
    Display Name: Display name (e.g John Citizen). This is also the caller id that appears when you call another extension in your account
    Register Name: Put in the username of your extension (e.g 1122334455)
    Username: Put in the username of your extension (e.g 1122334455)
    Password: Put in the password of your extension
    Enable Outbound Proxy Server: Enabled
    Outbound Proxy Server:     Port: 5060
    Transport: UDP
    STUN Server:     Port: 3478

    When you are done entering the details, click on the Confirm button at the bottom.

  • Now, let us make sure the phone has the correct Time Zone. Click on Settings tab
  • On the left, click on Time & Date
  • From the drop-down, select your Time Zone (e.g +10 Australia Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra)
  • Click Confirm button to save your settings.

  • Now that you have setup your Yealink T46 phone, let us now check if the account is properly registered. Go to the Status tab and it should say Registered as shown below:

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