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How to set up DTMF tones on Jitsi

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If you are having trouble using option based service (Select 1 for Sales) this may be DTMF tones on your Jitsi softphone not set correctly, here is how you can set up your Jitsi phone to work with these tones  

1. With Jitsi open on your desktop

2. Select the "tools" menu

3. Select "Options"

4. Select "Audio"

5. Select  "Options" again if need be

Once in this area you are looking for a tick box called "Telephone Event" make sure this box is selected and click on save or next  

If you are an iMAC or Macbook user the following steps will help set up your phone correctly

1. With Jitsi open on your desktop

2. Select "Preferences" from the main menu at the very top left of your screen. A pop up will occur

3. Select "Accounts" tab

4. Select the sip account by adding a tick to the box and then select "edit"

5. Select the "Connections" tab 

6. Last option in this tab is DTMF Method. Set this drop box to "RTP RFC2833/RFC4733" 

6. Click Next

7. Click Sign in   

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