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How to Set-Up Session Talk on your Iphone

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Your mobile device must be connected to the internet.

You would need to have the following information:

  • Username
  • Password

On starting Session Talk you would be asked to Create SIP and would be given several options,Tap on Gridare it and fill it in with your Username and Password:


Then in the tab bar tap the keypad button and it will bring up the the dialer view. The account is shown on the upper left of your screen. You are now ready to make a call


  • You would need to go to IOS Settings; Notification Center and select the Sessioin Talk row, to ensure that Alert Style is set to Alerts or Banner. All other settings should be sent on ON.
  • Turn off the Wifi setting on you IOS settings. Check that the app re-registers using the 3G/ 4G mobile network. 
  • Try to make a call on both Wifi and 3G/ 4G connection.


  • The setting allows the softphone to make and receive calls over the IOS cellular connections.
  • If it's OFF it will not attempt to register over 4G/ LTE.


  • OFF
    • The softphone will sleep if the screen is locked
    • saves battery life, but should only be used when softphone is for outgoing calls only.
    • all SIP accounts will be unregistered when the app moves to the background
    • the Softphone will run in the background and receive calls when the app is backgrounded and visible in the task switcher.
    • Softphone will always run and will continue to perform SIP registration with your VOIP provider.
    • may drain the battery of phone over time as the app will be running in the background.
  • PUSH
    • zero effect on battery life
    • SIP account credentials will be transferred to our servers over a secure https connections.
    • Push servers will register SIP accounts
    • You may completely close the app and still receive calls on your IOS device.
    • Incoming calls are received by PUSH servers and a PUSH notification sent to teh IOS device, which wake and receives calls.

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