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PLDT Home Fibr Router (Residential Customers ONLY)

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PLDT Home Fibr router

Did you know that PLDT Home Fibr router only has one active LAN port? Yes, it is true. Although its router has 4 LAN ports, the only active one is the LAN1 port. Should you need to connect multiple devices, you would have to get a hub/switch. According to PLDT, in order to activate the other ports, you have to get in touch with their business department to make it happen (It's not clear if there's any fee/s involve). 

Since this is not utterly stated by PLDT, unsurprisingly, not a lot of their subscribers know about this. So if troubleshooting VOIP or internet, please make sure you take this fact into account. 

This is for Philippine-based VA's that use PLDT as their ISP.


- IP Phone shows "No Service" even though the it is connected directly to the PLDT Home Fibr router.


- You have already checked the physical connection, rebooted and even did a factory reset on the phone but it is still showing "No Service"


-Have the user checked if the IP Phone is directly connected to the LAN1 port. If user has his/her computer connected to the LAN1, recommend to have the machine connect to the wifi (if it's capable). Otherwise, recommend to get a switch/hub that will allow multiple LAN connections. Make sure the the switch/hub is connected to the LAN1 port. 

NOTE: This set up only applies for Residential customers. Business customers and other internet offers of PLDT like HomeDSL is not affected. 

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