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How to configure a Cisco SIP spa525g to use an account from Gridare

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  • 01/01/1970 10:00 AM

This article will walk the user though on how to configure a third party Cisco spa525g (or similar)for a Gridare Phone number.


  •  In scenarios like these, a request is sent via Ticketing System in Kayako with approval from from the requester's head office.
  •  Make sure to advise that consultation charge is AUD $33 per 15 minutes.
  •  Notify Robert and ask for approval.

1. Assist the customer by logging in to their PC via Teamviewer.

2. Log in to the interface of the Cisco phone by obtaining its IP address. If customer cannot provide the IP, ask for the MAC address (usually on a sticker on the back of the unit. Use the command prompt and typer "arp -a" to check the IP address that corresponds to the MAC address.


3. Once logged in you will see a page similar to the image shown below: The areas marked in red are whats important to configure the phone correctly.




Make sure you are clicked on Extension 1

SIP PORT: 5060

Proxy: , if this does not work use

Register: Yes

Register expires: 3600

Display name: Preferred display name of customer

User ID: Username for the extension in iBes

Password: Password for the extension in iBes

Use Auth ID: Yes

Auth ID: Same as username


4. Once all the information are entered, click SAVE ALL CHANGES on the bottom of the page.


5. Click on the INFO tab and check if STATUS is REGISTERED.


6. If registered, ask customer to check dial tone and if able to call out, as well as receive calls. Then its done.

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