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How to setup Zoiper using your Gridare account

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How to setup Zoiper using your Gridare account:

  • Download Zoiper from this link

  • The website will automatically detect your platform. All you have to do is click Next.

  • Click Free and it will download the installer in your computer.

  • The installer will be downloaded to your computer. Run the file to install Zoiper in your computer. You may click on "Click here for download/installation instructions" if you are not sure how to install it.


  • Once installed, open Zoiper on your computer.

  • Click Settings > Create a new account.

  • Select SIP then click NEXT.

  • Enter your username and password.
  • Enter in Domain / Outbound proxy then click on NEXT.

  • Put a tick in Skip auto-detection then click NEXT.

  • Your Account has been added. Click Close.

To make sure that your account can now make and receive calls, go to Settings > Preferences. It will display your account and it should say "Registered".

You can now make calls by typing the phone number and clicking CALL.




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