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Yealink phones not working with Huawei HG659 router

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  • 01/01/1970 10:00 AM



Huawei HG659 router is being distributed by TPG to its subscribers. The problem is caused by the "SIP ALG" setting and the Network Security Firewall setting. Follow the steps below to disable these functions from the router web interface. Note: It is strongly recommended that the customer do this with their ISP and not with Gridare.


1. Accessing Huawei HG659 Web Interface.



2. Enter the administration username and password for your router to login as provided by your provider.



3. Disable SIP ALG

  • From the top menu, click 'Internet' → then 'Forwarding'
  • Click on the arrow next to 'ALG' to expand the menu.
  • Make sure 'Enable SIP ALG' is un-ticked and click 'Save'.




4. Change the firewall level to low (from a choice of off, low or high)

  • From the top menu, click 'Internet' → then 'Network Security'.
  • Under Firewall, change the security level to 'low'
  • click 'Save'.



5. Restart your Yealink by unplugging it from the power and plugging it back.



Additionally you can go to your phone's web interface to check the status of your SIP account.


6. Press the OK button on your phone to get the IP Address (e.g.


  • Type the IP Address on the address bar of your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.) and press Enter on your keyboard.


  • Type admin on both username and password in the pop-up dialogue box and click OK.



  • Go to the Status tab to check if your SIP Account is now showing registered (check screenshot below).


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