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Unable to make outgoing calls

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To resolve or diagnose your issue please follow the troubleshooting steps provided below:


  • STEP 1: Check if you have a negative balance on your account

                     • Go to


                     • Log in using your Account ID: e.g. G12345 & the password sent to you by Gridare (which you can see from the Gridare Welcome Email)


                     • Check Credit Balance located on the upper right side of your account


          NOTE: Please follow the steps on the links provided if balance is negative; Top Up Account or Setup Automatic Top Up.


  • STEP 2: Make sure that your internet connection is working properly

                     • Check if you can access different websites properly


                     • Check if your internet speed is normal (test your speed by accessing


          NOTE: VoIP is based entirely on how well your internet connection works. Issues indicated above or issues such as No Connection, Slow Internet Connectivity, Disconnections etc. You need to report the issue to your ISP.


  • STEP 3: Try Rebooting your router and phone (for IP Phone e.g. Yealink) or router and computer (for Softphone e.g. NCH Express Talk)


          NOTE: Do this next step if there are no issues with your internet connection. This will help refresh your network to make it more efficient and 90% of VoIP related issues are resolved by doing this step.


  • STEP 4: Check if IP Phone (e.g. Yealink) or Softphone (e.g. NCH Express Talk) are properly configured


                     • IP Phone - to ensure proper configuration click the link for Yealink Setup and if you need to do a factory reset; you can also click the link for Yealink Factory Reset.

                     • Softphone - to ensure proper configuration click the link for NCH Express Talk Setup or X-Lite Setup.

          NOTE: This is an additional step to ensure that you have the correct settings on your VoIP Telephony Devices because there are some instances that settings maybe erased or incorrect.




REMINDER: You can also download the attached PDF version of this tutorial.

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